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My Favorite Plugins

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

The amount of plugins in todays DAWs is endless. Everybody has their own favorite tools to achieve the sound that works best for them. I am a huge fan of anything Universal Audio. As a previous owner of a SSL 6048 E Series, G Plus Computer with Pro Tools HD and Studer 820 with Dolby SR, I am very familiar with what that is suppose to sound and feel like. Having tried many of the SSL plugins out there in the marker, nothing comes even close to UA's SSL and Never console plugins. The very first moment I touched their EQ I was baffled by the sound and how much it reminded me of my SSL.

Of course, UA has 100's of other plugins that are absolutely amazing, but too many to list.

My equally as important tool are any plugins from FabFilter. The EQ3, Saturn and MB are used in every single mix. Wave plugins and Oxford plugins also get a lot of usage, but not as much as I used to. The Oxord and Wave Reverbs are very detailed and deep, with a lot of good options and clean sound.

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1 commentaire

11 nov. 2020

Yo big ups! this is dope! I know you have so much more coming...

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