Kris at RMP ( A -Room )

Kris working at "Mix Palace"-1

Kris and Jhud

Kris with Bronwyn

Kris working at "Mix Palace"

Kristopher Brockington

Kristopher Brockington was born July 16, 1986 in Orlando Florida.  Kris

was brought up with music all around him.  Being brought up in church, he

took interest in playing drums at an early age.  Kris was blessed to have

an additional dad (Veit Renn) come into his life as a child and that only

broadened his exposure to music throughout his life.  Veit Renn came to

the States attending Berklee College of Music as a producer, singer, and

songwriter.  With talent and hard work, his dad became a platinum record

producer and that only only broadened Kris’s exposure to music.  Kris’s

interest in music and his family’s influence led him to want to be a

producer.  Eventually he was playing with equipment and doing tracks for

fun and working with various clients.


Kris later decided to become a recording and mixing engineer.  The thought

of being able to do everything with songs and recordings by himself

motivated him to learn his engineering craft.  Learning from he best, his

dad also taught him the aspects of being an engineer.  Kris would leave

school for On The Job Training at the age of 17 and go to the studio to

learn every day.  During his engineering career, Kris worked at RMP

Recording Studios as a Recording/Mixing Engineer and Office manager.  Kris

worked with all genres of music and voiceovers with people ranging from

Jennifer Hudson, 50 Cent, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Elephant Man, The Runners,

Marsha Ambrosius, Shaq, Boyce Avenue, New Kids On The Block, Jamie

Williams, Erly Thornton, Bill Allred, Grandaddy Souf, Vada Nobles, Kanye

West, and T.I. just to name a few.


Kris still continues producing, recording, mixing and editing vocals for

various artist and clients til this day.