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What is a great mix?

Sonic quality of music has suffered tremendously from the pure fact that most people listen to mp3 files at qualities lower than 192bit and really don’t pay attention to how bad it sounds. Small cheap headphones or even the highly marketed Dr. Dre’s Beats Headphones do not produce a great representation of what the producer,…

Pitching Vocals

There are many tools available to today’s producer to fix and fine tune vocal or instrument performances in Digital Audio Workstations. The most known one is obvious one is Autotune by Antares, but there are many other plugins and softwares that can enhance not just pitch, but timing, phrasing and even tone. Autotune has its…

Veit Renn

Veit Renn is a multiplatinum producer, songwriter, engineer, singer and instrumentalist. With over 65 million records sold and 20 years in the music business, he has managed to stay current and hip. Read more about the head of the company and what he is up to now. Click here for more info.

Kristopher Brockington

Kristopher has been engineering for 8 years and creating beats since he can walk. As stepson of multi-platinum producer Veit Renn and studio manager of RMP Studios for 7 years,  he has been exposed to t all styles and kinds of music, music production and engineering. Fluent on Pro Tools and Logic and Melodyne, he…